Streamlining Communications in Crisis

COVID has been a tough time for consumers and businesses alike. 


However, what it has helped highlight at Homeshift is the need to better address and improve how customers are able to contact us, and how quickly they can get answers and reassurance during this turbulent time.


For most businesses, customer service teams have been put under pressure with a drastic increase in queries. With good reason. In times of uncertainty, being able to communicate with your supplier is vital.


So, looking at this increased pressure on customer services – and seeing that we haven’t been doing a good enough job for customers (by a long mile) – we have been working on the following improvements:


  • We invested considerable resource into our customer service team – increasing headcount by over 25% – to deal with increased communications

  • We disabled our Live Chat so that all queries are funneled to our email team and we can take the time to respond intelligently rather than reactively

  • We re-rerouted phone enquiries to our email hub where customers can either have their issues dealt with directly or schedule a convenient time for a call


Even though we have temporarily reduced the number of channels you can use to contact us, this allows us to be fast and more effective in resolving customer queries. We have seen some improvement already but hope to see a dramatic turnaround in how we are able to serve our customers into the future.


We need your ongoing feedback


If you see issues that haven’t been addressed but need to be, please email to get your suggestions added to our roadmap.