How to Bleed Your Radiator

It’s not as messy as it sounds


Is there something up with your heating? Does your radiator feels cold in some spots but warm in others?

This is probably a sign it needs to be bled. 

In other words, there’s cold water in there that needs to be let out and, once done, the flow of heat should be restored. 

Follow these simple steps if you’re experiencing this problem, and feel free to reach out to a Homeshift agent on if you need any help.

Our 10 Step Guide

1. Make sure your central heating system is turned on for the test

2. Feel all the radiators in your home

3. Switch off the heating

4. Wait for the radiators to cool down

5. Get your tool box out – you’re looking for a bleed key or screwdriver

6. Find the bleed valve – which looks like this:


7. Use a wrench to loosen up the bleed screw

8. Wait for the hissing to stop completely

9. Re-tighten the valve and clean up the drips

10. Turn the heating back on 

And if that wasn’t crystal clear, watch this handy video to see it in motion!