earth day 2021

Homeshift Goes Green ūüíö

Have you thought about your carbon footprint lately? Over at Homeshift, we’ve been thinking about it a lot.¬†

This is why we’re delighted to announce that this month we have gone green.¬†

Homeshift now supplies 100% renewable electricity to all our customers through our supplier Colorado Energy. 

Coinciding with Earth Day – Thursday 22nd April – this got us thinking about other ways we could help our customers get a little greener at home.


5 ways to make your home greener

1. Get ice cold with your laundry
Turning down the temperature on your wash is an easy way to be energy efficient at home.¬† A whopping 90% of the energy used for washing clothes goes to heating the water. Not a small amount, right?¬†So if it’s not whites or hard to remove stains, a cold wash would still do the job while saving your energy and cash. You could even go one step further and skip the dryer, using line dryers or racks in a room you’re not always in.¬†

2. Make your own household cleaners
It’s surprisingly easy to do.¬† Add some fresh and clean vibes to your home by combining essential oils – like lemon or lavender – with a good water and vinegar base. Try this recipe:¬†In a spray or squirt bottle, mix together two cups of vinegar with two cups of water. Add two tablespoons of olive¬†oil¬†in addition to your¬†essential oil. Put some of this¬†solution¬†on a reusable rag or directly on the floor and begin the virtuous¬†cleaning¬†process.

3. Declutter your wardrobe (and hire new things!)
¬†Lockdown has had more people than ever looking at the dark corners of their homes to see what can be thrown away and where space can be better utilised. Easy as it is to fill up those black bags to toss, get into the habit of donating your clothes. Go one step further and look into the new proliferation of clothes hire companies doing their bit for sustainable fashion. Check out sites like OnLoan – or just head to local charity shops to pick up some new bits. You’ll be surprised by the gems you can find if you pick the right store.

4. Switch up your lights
Energy-efficient lightbulbs, like LEDs, typically use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents. Although they are slightly more expensive than incandescent bulbs, the upfront cost will be recouped in just a few months, thanks to the reduced energy costs they provide.

5. Short and snappy showers
According to we spend on average eight minutes in the shower. That’s double the time we should be spending in there. Those morning waterfalls are costing UK households 30p a go, which means UK families waste on average¬† ¬£416 a year.