To all Homeshift Customers



London, 18th May 2020



Dear Homeshift Customers,


Over the past few months, the world has become unrecognisable from what it once was.

I’m sure many of you are dealing with your own challenges in your day-to-day lives.  We really don’t want to be another thing to worry about – and I know this has not always been the case.

So change is afoot.

As a company still early on in our journey, we are very aware of the areas in which we can – and must – serve our customers better. Which means making improvements whenever we can.

We improved our internet service earlier this year and we’re now improving our energy service.


Introducing Colorado Energy

As of this month, we have an exclusive partnership with Colorado Energy.

This partnership means we now have greater control over the quality of service we can offer our customers. Below are just a few examples:


✅ A New, Cheaper Tariff

The first advantage of our partnership with Colorado Energy is being able to offer a more competitive rate. 

From June, the first group of customers will see this new tariff reflected in their monthly bills.  This new tariff will bring you a discount of at least 5%.


✅ Green Energy on the Horizon

The second benefit of our partnership with Colorado is that we will be able to supply our customers with green energy. This is something we are currently working on and will keep you updated on as we get closer to launching that service. 


✅ Smart Meters

We know our billing process hasn’t always been perfect for everyone and we have a great opportunity to address that.

The third benefit of our partnership is that we can now embrace installing the latest generation of smart meters in your homes, at no additional cost to you. This means you will never have to take another meter reading again and your usage will be automatically tracked. Estimates will be a thing of the past!

We are doing everything we can to make sure it’s a smooth migration and that includes keeping you in the know.


Finally, thank you for feeding back

These changes are happening because you’ve taken the time to feedback and, rightly, point out when things could be working better for you.

So please keep telling us what you want from Homeshift – and how we can make your life easier.

Here’s to a brighter future together.


Best Wishes, 

Homeshift Team