A Homeshift Update For Customers


Earlier this year Homeshift migrated from our energy supplier Go Effortless to a new supplier, Colorado Energy. 


This was done in order to dramatically improve the service we offer to our customers, from improving billing processes and tariffs to opening up the possibilities of what we can offer down the line.


You can read about that migration here.


As with any major change, there have been teething problems as we’ve moved away from Go Effortless and embraced new processes. 


What’s Been Going On – And How Might That Affect You?


We want to be fully transparent about what those changes are and what to expect as we settle into the new, improved systems: 


Correcting Previous Supplier Data: In our move away from Go Effortless we highlighted some inaccuracies in the data we had been provided, which made it harder to make a smooth move over to Colorado. Some of you may have not received a bill in a few months or experienced an inaccurate opening meter reading, and that will be corrected in 4-6 weeks.


New Customer Communications System: In order to make major improvements to how we get back to customers, we migrated our customer service support to a new system, Zendesk. The goal here is to improve our response time, getting it to our target of a 1-hour response time and 24-hour resolution. You should see improvements over the next few months as we work on this.


Changing Payment Providers: You may have noticed some of your statements were unavailable. We recently changed payment providers to GoCardless, to ensure our system is more flexible and reactive. This will stop any issues such as overpayments or double charges. It will take 4-6 weeks to get customer bills back up on the platform. 


Growing Our Customer Service Team: Finally, we’ve invested heavily in our customer support team because we know, now more than ever, it is incredibly frustrating to be kept in the dark and wait too long for a response. 


If you have any questions about Colorado Energy, please refer to this blog post and keep referring to this blog for any critical updates.